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WordPress elegantly guides you through their new features

WordPress is a popular CMS options on the internet today, with around 42% of the web using it. To keep things fresh, they’re constantly rolling out new integrations and features website creators can use to improve their sites. However, instead of throwing it in an email or a blog, they do things a little more subtly.

It starts with a simple banner on the sidebar of your website creator. They get you interested by telling you what the new tool does—collect feedback—instead of just telling you what the feature is.

WordPress promotes new features on their menu
Image from WordPress

If you click through, you’ll get a page that tells you they’re introducing Crowdsignal blocks so you can poll users and collect feedback, no coding required.

WordPress shows new features on a landing page
Image from WordPress

Next, the “Create post” button jumps you to their page builder, which comes preloaded with all of the ways you can use the new Crowdsignal block for your website. With it already on the page, you get a taste for what this block can do, getting your creative juices going.

WordPress promotes new features on an editable doc
Image from WordPress

Why this is really good UX:

  • In no time at all, WordPress has you going from interested to using their new blocks by laying breadcrumbs and easing you into their new feature.
  • Putting the use cases in a WordPress page for you to experiment with makes it super easy for users to imagine how this could work on their own websites, which will help increase feature adoption.