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Pixel Tips makes it easy to find new features

In the Fall of 2021, Google released the Android 12 update for Google Pixel phones. Overnight, the devices people use every day changed, both from a visual and a features standpoint.

This was jarring for users, so Google updated their Pixel Tips app to introduce people to new features and changes that could help them get more out of the phone experience.

On the Pixel Tips app, changes are divided into intuitive categories that users are free to explore in the order they care about.

pixel tips organization

Each section is broken into multiple screens that teach users about new features they can take advantage of. Google uses GIFs and written instructions to show users how to do something or explain to them in detail how to turn a particular feature on.

pixel navigation
pixel essentials

What makes this really good UX:

  • Google allows people to learn about features when they need to use them. By having them all in one place, users know where to go to get new information if new changes ever happen.
  • Google divides everything nicely so that screens never feel cluttered. One lesson or notification is on each screen, with users being able to swipe back and forth to switch between them.
  • Showing people how to do things or providing links to where to turn on or off a feature makes it easy for users to adopt these features ASAP.