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Typeform’s hotspots emphasize new product features

Would you rather guess how your customers are feeling or ask them directly? If you picked the latter, you’re in luck. Typeform makes it easy to gather information from people through forms. But not just any old forms. Beautiful “typeforms” for everything from surveys to evaluations to order forms.

Typeform greets its own users with an onboarding experience that exudes simplicity.

The brand knows that good user onboarding is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach, so Typeform asks new users for background info through surveys—a subtle yet effective way of showcasing its own product.

To educate all of its users about their recently redesigned product experience, Typeform offers an in-app walkthrough that educates users about new features. Check out the flow in this video.

What makes this really good UX:

  • By using Typeform’s product during onboarding, users gain an understanding of what their audience will experience. They also get a feel for the navigation and options available for form creation, such as multiple-choice selection.
  • A progress bar shows how much of the onboarding experience has been completed, so users are assured that the promise of “it only takes a moment” is, in fact, true.
  • For their in-app walkthrough, Typeform uses pulsing blue hotspots to draw the user’s attention to new features in different areas of the product. Clicking on a hotspot provides a tooltip with a brief description of the feature.
  • Within the product itself, left-to-right menu navigation is consistent between designing a form (Editor → Design → Logic) and preparing a form to collect responses (Create → Connect → Share → Results). Users can clearly see how many steps are involved in each part of the form’s creation.

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