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Skype's redesign desktop walkthrough

Communication tool Skype lets users connect through voice calls, video calls, and chat from various devices. For their latest product redesign, the app introduced existing desktop users to the new layout of the app through a few helpful tooltips.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The tutorial only starts when users click the “Start Tutorial” button. As Skype's main function is calls, including business calls with an appointed start time, it's important that the tutorial doesn't prevent users from taking important action in the app.
  • The tooltips highlight the features available under the new location without unnecessary details. Geared towards existing users, there's no need for these tooltips to explain how each feature works.
  • Using tooltips (rather than modal windows), Skype can pinpoint users to the new location of the features they used to access from different areas of the app.
  • Users can replay the tutorial whenever they want by accessing a replay link from their notifications tab.