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Chorus alerts users when they are missing key functionality

Really good user experiences often include walkthroughs that highlight different features, but sometimes it’s equally important to point out when a user is missing out. It’s sort of like that famous line Joni Mitchell sings: “You don’t know what you’ve got til’ everything’s configured correctly.” Or something like that.

Chorus captures and analyzes customer calls and emails, pulling out critical data like competitor mentions and feature requests in real-time.  These insights can help improve outcomes across many teams—compare the techniques of top sales performers, integrate next steps mentioned on a call with a CRM,  quantify feature request trends... you get it.

Chorus depends on capturing data from various sources, such as phone calls, meetings, and emails, in order to provide analytics through its AI. Modals alert the user when configuration hasn’t been completed to capture necessary interactions, such as meetings. Once users see that no meetings have been scheduled, you better believe they’ll be clicking that “Connect Calendar” button.

Within the Connect Calendar feature, Chorus shows user calendars that have been linked to the application and clearly identifies those that aren’t.

Within the Recordings area, tooltips explain why a recording wasn’t captured, so users can fix a potential issue and record the next one.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Chorus uses unobtrusive modals and tooltips to improve product adoption. When users aren’t taking full advantage of the product’s value, they’re reminded how and why to take the next steps.
  • On the Settings page, Chorus explains why linking calendars is so beneficial and encourages users to take action. Enable Chorus to automatically find upcoming meetings to record? Umm... yes please.
  • Left-menu navigation clearly displays core functionality—Recordings, Deals, Coaching, Analytics, and Playlists—making it easy for users to move from one area of the product to another.
  • If no recordings are displayed, Chorus nudges users to adjust filters to help them improve their experience.