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Parabol offers tips for creating and running successful meetings

Work is often inundated with meetings, and some are—let’s face it—boring. Parabol sets its tool apart by guiding agile teams on how to make their meetings successful.

As users encounter different features, Parabol offers tips to help folks get more value out of the product. This modal provides context on why reflection is important.

Parabol also offers a step-by-step guide on running meetings. Parabol features (inviting your team to vote on score/effort) are combined with common agile team use cases (select stories from the backlog).

In addition to meetings, Parabol offers Tasks and Timeline features. Example cards provide explanations on how to use task cards, and active tasks are displayed on the Timeline.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Arrow buttons allow users to easily navigate between different meeting types in the carousel (Sprint Poker, Retro, Check-In), and Parabol offers step-by-step instructions for each meeting type.
  • The sample task cards include helpful copy that reminds the user how the feature should be used (“Describe what ‘Done’ looks like”). This guidance can increase user adoption by ensuring that users don’t get stuck wondering what to do next.
  • A “Learn More” link on the Start Meeting screen takes the user to an explanation page. The page details how agile teams can benefit from that type of meeting and includes a video that shows the user how the meeting can be run in Parabol.
  • The plus (+) button above each Task column allows new task cards to be quickly added. Users can move cards from one status column (Stuck, Active) to another.