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BrightReps tooltips walk you through each new tool

BrightReps is a tool that helps companies build and measure their internal workflows. It helps those companies stay organized and pull in the same direction, so every step in a flow is finished each and every time.

In the same way that workflows need to be methodical and well thought out, so too do onboarding flows. BrightReps keeps their onboarding simple and approachable through a series of tooltips that walk users through each one of their tools.

BrightReps tool descriptions start with a series of tooltips.
Image from BrightReps

It starts with an introduction to each of their tools on the main page. A tooltip explains what you can do in each tool, so you know where to get started.

BrightReps uses tooltips in feature onboarding.
Image from BrightReps

Once you click into a tool, you’re met with another set of tooltips that walk you through how the flow manager works. The BrightReps team has also premade a flow for you to work with, which makes your introduction to the flow manager even easier.

BrightReps uses its own tool to show you how to use it.
Image from BrightReps

By making this flow, users can see what the end product looks like so they can easily mimic what BrightReps has created to make their own flow.

Why this is really good UX:

  • BrightReps keeps their style consistent throughout the onboarding process, so you know what to expect each time you try a new feature.
  • The premade flow doubles as instructions on how to use their product. It also tells you in what order you should do things, depending on whether you want to use integrations.