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Front shows off new features with a GIF

We all know the scenario: An email comes in, you craft a response, but you want a colleague to give it a thumbs up before you send it. Or you need to ping another resource with “FYI.” Front addresses these situations by combining email with internal collaboration in one solution. With Front, you can communicate with colleagues about messages without needing to create new emails. Say goodbye to those messy threads and Reply All disasters.

Front recently introduced a new feature that allows users to customize their Front experience. When users launch the app, a modal explains that tags, inboxes, and teammates can now be dragged into any order. A “New” tag includes a cute present icon—like Front is offering a gift to their users.

If users click on “Learn more,” they’ll arrive at a separate page that explains all the new features. A GIF shows the click-and-drag feature in action.

Front also provides more detail about the new feature on its Updates page, but keeps the overall descriptions short and sweet.

What makes this really good UX:

  • The feature announcement modal is brief and to the point. The header clearly describes the new feature and one line of text below explains the benefit. If users click the “Give it a try” button, they’re immediately taken to their own inboxes to try out the new feature.
  • The modal has a simple visual that shows the click-and-drag behavior of the new feature. But just in case the concept of click-and-drag is confusing to the user, the GIF within the “Learn more” page shows how this works.
  • On the Updates page, Front offers lots of links to additional resources. By listing other features, Front is offering users the opportunity to learn more about features they may not be using today—all within the context of learning something new.