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Feedly's feature-guiding tooltips

With Feedly, readers can search for, organize, save and compile content from their favorite news sources into their own curated news list. Rather than browsing multiple websites, users can get the information they want in one centralized location. 

When users sign up, Feedly provides short and sweet tooltips as an introduction to the platform.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Feedly highlights the hotspots they want users to notice with a soft, transparent green color, in contrast to their minimalist white background. These are subtle indicators of which areas users will most likely use and see the most value in.
  • Upon clicking on the green circles or highlighted text, concise tooltips pop up explaining the highlighted feature. The concise copy and explanation are clear in their instructional value.
  • What's also nice is that Feedly doesn't bombard new users with tons of small and scattered tooltips. Focusing on just two features doesn't overwhelm a new user when they are getting to know the tool.