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Ahref's new feature blog post

Ahrefs provides advanced SEO and website tracking analysis that shows how different sites rank on the web. With Ahrefs users can track their own website growth, blog traffic, as well as how their competitors rank, giving insights into how to outrank them. 

Ahref's features include metrics unique to their site, and that users need to understand to be able to use their tool correctly and to the fullest effect. Their dashboard lists these features, like a Content and Keywords Explorer, that most users will have a learning curve when approaching them for the first time. Because of the unique language and natural learning curve that comes with Ahrefs, they accompanied a recent new feature announcement with an informative blog post.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Recently added to their dashboard, Ahrefs' new Website Audit feature lets users obtain a more complete understanding of their overall website's SEO health. They display the options to Learn More or to Try it Now on the homepage as users log back in because it's a huge addition to their suite of features.
  • By leading users who want to learn more to a blog post complete with demo videos and screenshots, Ahrefs can fully educate users in all the ways this new feature will benefit them. A blog post will also remain on their site, so users who may not have wanted to try out the feature at first can always click through to find out more even months later, and still get a complete feature release tutorial.
  • The other way here that Ahrefs lets users know about updates is by inserting thin banners at the top of the homepage. Users can click to hide them whenever, but they serve as a helpful reminder that one of the primary metrics users refer to in their tool—DR—no longer works in the same way.