Trainual’s video tutorial through a hotspot ft. Taylor Sell

How do users arrive at the decision to solve their problems with your software? And Is there a way to make that decision easier? Let's look at how knowledge transfer and training program Trainual leverages non-intrusive educational content to help users see the value of a product faster.

High functionality and seamless user experience is a potent recipe for value generation. Taylor Sell, the Director of Product at Trainual, knows a thing or two about optimizing user activation through onboarding. His M.O.? Educating and training users on the best ways to use your product—and ultimately set them up for success. Trainual is a leading SaaS platform that is transforming the way businesses onboard, train, and scale teams. In this episode, we take a look at Taylor's top tips for doing just that.

The #GoodUX inspiration from this episode

Many companies think more is better when it comes to onboarding (Trainual did too, at one point), but oftentimes, the opposite is true.

To improve their onboarding, Trainual moved their video tutorials and other educational resources into discrete hotpots sprinkled throughout their UI. This way, their users—mostly C-suite executives and founders—could explore Trainual on their own time, clicking on hotspot videos if they wanted some extra help or info.

Trainual's video tutorial through a hotspot

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Trainual's video tutorial through a hotspot

Quotes from this episode

“With hotspots that show the value behind that area of the product , some of our activation metrics went up by 100% and conversion rate grew by 80%”

Show notes

[2:23] How does he define onboarding at Trainual?

[3:18] Is there one person who owns onboarding in his company or is it more of a cross-functional ownership?

[5:32] When they’re splitting up post purchase and pre-purchase onboarding, does he notice a huge difference in the behavior within the flow or the actions that he wants his fellow cohorts to drive into?

[10:13] Does he know what his best sources are or what their most highly activated cohorts are?

[24:06] What kind of experiments and tests are they trying out next?

About Taylor Sell

As the Director of Product at Trainual, Taylor is trained and experienced in delivering value and solving user needs in the SAAS landscape.

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