ClickUp’s mobile onboarding experience


In this new segment, Ramli and Lyla take a look into ClickUp's mobile onboarding experience - a project management and productivity tool offering various features and integrations to organize tasks and workflows. They also share their overall impressions and suggestions for UX improvements along the way.


"When you have a lot of products in your suite, there's a lot of adoption that you need to do."

Show Notes

[0:00] Intro

[1:33] Analyzing the Mobile and Web Onboarding Process of ClickUp

[5:24] How Can ClickUp Enhance the Welcome Page Graphics to Better Convey its Value Proposition?

[8:00] Balancing Hype Levels and Clarity in Messaging for a Superior Onboarding Experience

[10:43] Lyla and Ramli Evaluate ClickUp's Sign-Up and Email Verification Process

[13:51] The Importance of Demonstrating Value before Asking for Commitment

[20:16] Ensuring the Use of Realistic "Dummy Data" instead of Misleading "Demo Data"

[26:50] Lyla and Ramli's Ratings and Recommendations for ClickUp's Onboarding Process

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