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Trainual's video tutorial through a hotspot

Trainual is an employee and training software designed to create manuals that’ll bring new hires up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Many companies think more is better when it comes to onboarding (Trainual did too, at one point), but oftentimes, the opposite is true. To improve their onboarding, Trainual moved their video tutorials and other educational resources into discrete hotpots sprinkled throughout their UI. This way, their users—mostly C-suite executives and founders—could explore Trainual on their own time, clicking on hotspot videos if they wanted some extra help or info. 

The hotspots are well-designed—small enough to be discrete, but eye-catching enough to let users know they’re available. The use of contrasting colors also helps them pop off the screen and grab the attention of users scrolling by.

The addition of hotspots may seem like a minor tweak, but they’ve had an outsized effect on Trainual’s key metrics. As their Director of Product Taylor Sell puts it:

“Our activation metric went up 100%, and our conversion rate went up 80%. Those are pretty massive increases, and it's a testament to the team understanding who's coming in and just saying, ‘This is how they learn. This is how they think. So let's build an experience around that.’”

Ultimately, Trainual didn’t experience these major increases because of the hotspots. They saw improvements because they optimized their onboarding to what their target audience wanted. Hotspots were just the right tool in their toolbox for creating the stripped-backed experience that their C-suite clientele were looking for. 

🏆 What makes this #GoodUX:

  • The color of the hotspot contrasts with Trainual’s purple brand color. It stands out but not enough that it gets in the way.
  • It’s built around what the users actually want—not what UX designers think they want.
  • Video training content offers a quick, informative way to educate new users on important features.

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