Appcues’ welcome modal ft. Cailin Litke (Sr. Product Manager at Appcues)

In this episode, Cailin Litke, the Product Manager of Appcues, talks about the importance of leveraging user intent to gain a better understanding of the user's needs and preferences. Cailin then looks into the Appcues welcome modal to create a more targeted and personalized experience for the user, leading to a better UX and higher conversion rates.


"I think building is such a core aspect of what we do."
"There has been a lot of alignment around how to reach out to people, what our objectives are, and how we can try to improve these things."

Show Notes

[0:00] Intro

[1:38] What does success look like for new Appcues users?

[3:05]  What kind of metrics have they been tracking recently?

[4:29] Feeling and understanding the value of Appcues, not just its features.

[6:01] How does Appcues define onboarding?

[10:05] Understanding mobile-only companies versus web-only companies.

[15:32] The welcome modal (call-to-action) feature has contributed to their completion rate.

[17:45] How can the app cater to different learning styles?

[21:05] On leveraging user intent.

[23:57] The importance of aligning with the marketing team.

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Appcues website

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Lyla on LinkedIn

Ramli on LinkedIn

Cailin Litke on LinkedIn

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