Gorgias’ prompt for human-assisted onboarding ft. Claudia Pravettoni

In this episode, we chat with Claudia Pravettoni, Success Growth Lead at Gorgias, to find out what makes Gorgias efficient at handling your customer's support request.

Gorgias is an e-commerce help desk that turns your customer service into a profit center. We discuss the role of understanding users' preferences and how Gorgias deals with their team to provide a quality experience for their users. Claudia also highlighted how they provide customers with fast and personalized help.

The #GoodUX inspiration from this episode

Gorgias’ challenge was keeping their new users happy throughout onboarding. Originally, they solved this problem by funneling all their new users to a customer success manager. This ostensibly gave each new user the type of personal, high-touch approach that can mean so much in customer service.

However, not all users want a human onboarding experience. To further complicate matters, high-touch experiences can be hard to scale once your customer numbers start to increase exponentially.

So, Gorgias created an automated onboarding process that could cater to those clients who didn’t want to set up a call with an actual customer success manager.

To accomplish this, Gorgias added a modal window after signup that asked users what they wanted: To book a call, get started with an automated guide, or something else entirely.

Read more about Gorgias' prompt for human-assisted onboarding.

Gorgias' prompt for human-assisted onboarding

Quotes from this episode

Giving users the option to get help from a product specialist is just a quick way to also understand user preferences and kind of highlight any issues or any friction points that our users are having in getting set up.”

Show notes

[2:25] How do they define onboarding in Gorgias?

[5:52] How do they deal with working on multiple teams?

[8:09] How does she let other teams know what tasks she's been working on and when?

[9:35] Context and communication are key, especially when you're working with a team. Your goal with Gorgias in a standardized way Learning by doing is the best way

[11:46] Claudia tackles how to gauge users' interest and how to set up Gorgias

[19:36] What project is she looking forward to?

[22:23] Company size is a big factor in user roles

[25:18] What are some things that surprised her with some of the onboarding that they have set up so far?

About Claudia Pravettoni

Claudia is the Success Growth Lead at Gorgias. She specializes in problem-solving and growth hacking. Claudia transformed Georgias’ dashboard into a digital CSM. She also leads product growth initiatives for customer service platform for e-commerce brands.

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