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Gorgias' prompt for human-assisted onboarding

Gorgias is an ecommerce helpdesk software that helps online retailers keep their customers happy with centralized communication options, automation tools, and more.

Gorgias’ challenge was keeping their new users happy throughout onboarding. Originally, they solved this problem by funneling all their new users to a customer success manager. This ostensibly gave each new user the type of personal, high-touch approach that can mean so much in customer service. 

However, not all users want a human onboarding experience. To further complicate matters, high-touch experiences can be hard to scale once your customer numbers start to increase exponentially. 

So, Gorgias created an automated onboarding process that could cater to those clients who didn’t want to set up a call with an actual customer success manager. 

To accomplish this, Gorgias added a modal window after signup that asked users what they wanted: To book a call, get started with an automated guide, or something else entirely. 

To their surprise, the self-service option was incredibly popular—especially with their basic plan users. Human-assisted onboarding was still the top option for their enterprise customers, but smaller businesses preferred to do things at their own speed.

As Gorgias’ Success Growth Lead Claudia Pravettoni puts it: 

“Our users are really interested in setting up on a self-serve basis. So the quick guide was definitely the most clicked option here. And that was really interesting to see, and I think a testament to both the work we're doing on the academy and the kind of the path forward towards more self-serve experience.”

What makes this good UX:

  • Gorgias challenged their own assumptions and learned more about what their users wanted from onboarding.
  • Offering your users multiple choices gives them a chance to customize their onboarding. This way, you can offer each user an experience that they prefer.
  • The modal they created is simple and easy to understand, so anyone can read it and understand their options at a glance.