PandaDoc’s templates and sample documents ft. Eugenia Brown

Today’s show features Eugenia Brown, Product Manager at PandaDoc—a SaaS platform enabling companies and teams to create documents, easily automate workflows, and much more.

Today's conversation is about templates—and for good reason, as we’ve all turned to a template at some point, whether for inspiration or to save time starting that new project from scratch.

PandaDoc is well-known for its high-quality templates, which can be grouped into a variety of categories and use cases. In this episode, we’ll be digging into these awesome features. We also tapped into PandaDoc’s approach for onboarding their united teams and prioritizing user experience for their customers.

Quotes from this episode

The fanciest templates are the most popular. They have beautiful cover pages, pricing tables, and sample products, so you can just plug-and-play with those templates.
Users like to start with something. They don’t want to start with a blank document. So if you show them the template gallery, they are more likely to interact with the application.

Show notes

[3:28] What does onboarding on PandaDoc look like?

[4:28] Onboarding for Panda Doc is about the user experience and how PandaDoc helps them achieve their business goals.

[6:47] Is there a guiding metric that they consider for measuring success?

[9:39] How are they able to unite teams, fuse ideas, and give feedback in each department at PandaDoc?

[12:54] Do they have product-qualified leads?

[16:51] Eugenia explains their process of creating templates and setting up their designs.

[23:06] Eugenia shares some of the potential projects that they are working on.

About Eugenia Brown

Eugenia Brown is a Product Manager at PandaDoc, where gets to use her creativity to drive business outcomes. Eugenia loves to work with her colleagues, helping fast-scaling teams accelerate their ability to create. She has a dog named Gryffindor who likes to chase butterflies.

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