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YouTube's appealing cross-sell for the YouTube Music app

Sometimes (rarely) a product can have one use case that is so popular, it deserves an app of its own. That's how Youtube ended up creating a separate Youtube Music app. Users who casually use the service for music can still do so. But for people who regularly listen to music on Youtube, there's value to be had in a specialized music app.

YouTube effectively communicates this value in their cross-sell messaging by highlighting the algorithmically personalized playlists available on YouTube Music. It's a smart angle—after all, everyone loves having things made just for them!

youtube music cross sell advertisement in youtube mobile app

What we like about this ReallyGood cross-sell:

  • It's informative—users can understand, in just a few seconds, one of the key value propositions of the new app.
  • The focus on playlists appeals to users' love of personalization. YouTube's marketing team did a great job with this product messaging.
  • The CTA button is bold and obvious—but the modal is equally easy to dismiss if users choose to ignore the announcement.