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The Wise referral program is a win for everyone

Wise is a money transfer provider disrupting the banking industry with low-cost ways to move money internationally. Since they’re going up against banking behemoths who already have your money, Wise relies on a lot of word-of-mouth to get new sign-ups for their product. Their referral program effectively brings in new users because they make it a win-win-win: the referrer earns money, the new user saves money on fees, and Wise gets new users.

The first step in making their referral program a success is advertising it to existing users. Highlighting the chance to earn over $100 on the sidebar and account page gets news about the referral program out into their user base.

After clicking through, users see a simple landing page that explains how the referral process works. Multiple invite methods make it as easy as possible so users don’t get frustrated and leave.

If someone uses a referral code, they’ll be taken to a personalized landing page with the name of their referrer. It also highlights the free transfer they get, breaks down the fees, and shows them how much they’ll save by transferring money with Wise instead of traditional banks.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Wise always highlights the value that comes with their referrals, either earning money for the referrer or saving money on fees for the new user.
  • Wise makes it easy for users to get involved and refer friends to use their product.