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Design spotlight: Yotpo's beautifully branded welcome video modal

Yotpo is an ecommerce marketing platform that offers a full suite of solutions for customer reviews, loyalty programs, referrals, and visual marketing.Β 

They recently gave their user onboarding experience a bit of a makeover. Melanie Koss, Customer Marketing Manger at Yotpo explains:

Late last year [2019] we decided to do a bit of a review of the customer experience inside our app, and felt we needed a nice, clean intro to the world of Yotpo for our users!

Yotpo used Appcues to build that nice, clean onboarding experience. Check out this beautiful, 2-step welcome flow:

Welcome modal and video

yotpo welcome message user onboarding modal window example
welcome video embedded modal onboarding example

What we like about this ReallyGood onboarding flow:

  • It looks great!Β We love the way the image fills up the modal at the top and then fades out at the bottom, leaving plenty of negative space for Yotpo's welcome message to shine.
  • The copy is succinct and informative and lets new users know what to to expect next.
  • All that color coordination! Using the same tones for everything fromΒ CTA buttons to t-shirt color makes this experience feel like cohesive part of the user experience.
  • It looks native to the Yotpo product. The average user would never know this flow wasn't built and coded in-house, which is just as it should be!
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