Blog post thumbnail's inviting welcome to new users

The weather can be unpredictable, but is committed to making it easier for companies to understand how weather changes can impact their business. customers can use weather data to guide business decisions and track action plans across multiple locations. We’re talkin’ way more than “Wednesday will be cloudy with a chance of rain.”

When users sign up for, onboarding begins with a walkthrough of features. But it includes something unique: a personal welcome from ClimaCell’s Co-Founder and CEO, complete with his photo. In fact, the first two modal windows include pictures of the CEO and one of the product managers. These friendly faces help build brand identity and make users feel like they’re getting to know the people behind ClimaCell.

Rather than dive immediately into features, the first modal window gives some background on the product and company. (f/k/a ClimaCell) Welcome

The second modal window lets the user know that the walkthrough will be brief and focused on the best features of (f/k/a ClimaCell) Product Tour

Part of the onboarding process also includes a handy checklist of action items for new users to follow.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Within the first modal, the photo of the CEO and the “wave” emoji start the walkthrough off with a friendly tone. Users can choose what onboarding step they want to take next—continuing the tutorial or watching a video.
  • The tutorial's emphasis text and buttons are all in different shades of bright blue against a dark background. The contrast in color is consistent and draws the user’s eye to the walkthrough's key parts.
  • The “Getting Started” checklist reminds users of what product topics the walkthrough will cover. A clear list of action items prompts the user to take different steps, so that nothing is overlooked.