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Linktree helps users put their best profiles forward

You know how some sites like Instagram only allow you to add one link to your profile? Linktree solves that problem by being the “one link” users can include in their social profiles—but acts as a launchpad to connect visitors to other links. It’s a tree of links, if you will. 😉

Users can set up their Linktree profiles with links to other social profiles, videos, websites... anywhere on the web (but most likely the user’s own content).

Linktree knows that a user’s profile is the digital version of a first impression, so they motivate folks to complete their setup with an onboarding checklist. (Ahem, made with Appcues).

Fun Appcues Tooltips (complete with heart-eyes emoji and cute dogs) guide users around the app and show them exactly how to set up their profiles.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Linktree’s onboarding checklist shows users how many steps they need to complete and allows them to check off each item. The checklist’s progress bar also shows the percentage of steps that have been completed, making it easy for users to understand where they are in the process.
  • Action-driven tooltips have “Next” buttons, so users don’t miss any steps while completing their profiles. A short description for each step (“make your Linktree stand out”) lets the user know why each item is important.
  • As users make changes to their Linktree profiles, a visual mockup shows how their profile will appear to mobile visitors. Changes are displayed instantly, so users can keep changing their backgrounds, profile pic, and links until they’re satisfied with how their Linktree profile looks.