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Design spotlight: Vidyard's charming user onboarding flow

Vidyard is an online video hosting platform for businesses. They used Appcues to create a brief, multi-step onboarding flow that includes modals, hotspots, and tooltips.

vidyard user onboarding welcome modal window
Vidyard kicks things off with a charming welcome modal.
vidyard tooltip copy white background hotspot
The most important actions are highlighted with a hotspot and tooltip.

Things we love about this ReallyGood onboarding flow:

  • It's clean, simple, and gets straight to the point.
  • There's plenty of white spaceโ€”none of the content feels crowded.
  • The tooltip copy is short and sweet.
  • Combining a tooltip with a pulsing hotspot adds extra emphasis to the feature in question.
  • Vidyard maintains a consistent design theme across stepsโ€”it all feels like a single, cohesive experience.
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