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Typeform's creator tooltip walkthrough


Typeform is a data collection tool. Using their software, companies can conduct surveys and gather important data from their customers. Typeform allows users to create surveys either by using their pre-designed templates or from scratch.Β 

When a user opts to create their first Typeform from scratch, they are taken through a detailed and helpful walkthrough.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Typeform uses a series of tooltips to walk new users through the Creation dashboard. This way, the tool is broken down and organized into easy steps for users to digest and work through.
  • Typeform also sandwiches their tour between a welcome window and a β€œThat's a wrap” window. These help set a fun and informational tone for their onboarding, and they ease users into the flow of the tutorial.
  • In each tooltip, Typeform takes some measures to organize their text. They bold the important text, use bullet points, and include a title so that each card can be parsed through quickly.