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Design spotlight: Twilio SendGrid's appealing in-app announcements

Twilio SendGrid helps its users engage their customers with a flexible email API and powerful marketing tools. Twilio SendGrid communicates with their users about things like product updates, new feature announcements, and important subscription information through in-app messages made with Appcues.

A few examples of their made-with-Appcues flows that we love:

New feature announcement tooltips

Twilio SendGrid uses tooltips (like the one below) to announce new features and product updates while users are active in their product.

tooltip made with appcues new feature announcement

What we like about this tooltip:

  • It's short, simple, and gets straight to the point.
  • The green "NEW" tag is both attention-grabbing and informative (users know at a glance what this message is about).
  • The option to hide these kinds of in-app tips is readily available. Letting users opt out of messaging they don't find relevant is always good UX!

Beta graduation announcement

Twilio Sendgrid also uses in-app messaging to communicate about larger product updates. Here, they used a mid-sized modal window to grab users' attention for this big announcement.

beta announcement modl

What we like about this modal:

  • It's easy to scanβ€”here is a large, informative header and all the most important information is bolded, making the content easy to scan.
  • Branded graphics make this modal feel like a native part of the Twilio SendGrid UX.
  • A nice, prominent X button lets users close out of the message if they choose.

In-app plan and pricing update

This is our favorite of the bunch! Twilio SendGrid used Appcues to communicate with their customers about upcoming changes to their subscription.

premium subscription plan update information in-app customer communication

What we like about this modal:

  • The layout. There's a lot of content here, but the creative layout makes the information easy to read and digest.
  • Multiple "learn more" CTAs ("View your current account details"Β and the 2 little "–>" arrows) that let users educate themselves about the things that matter to them.
  • Informative copy written in plain English. Straightforward language inspires trust!