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Design spotlight: Tempo's efficient QR code modal

Time tracking tool Tempo is on a mission to make it easier and more efficient for teams to plan and track their time. When Tempo released their mobile app in 2019, they used Appcues to create a modal window that would make it simple for users to learn about and download the app.

vertical modal window with QR code made with appcues

What we like about this ReallyGood modal window:

  • The vertical orientation is a nice touch for an announcement about mobile—the dimensions feel vaguely phone-like. Most users won't pick up on this detail, but it likely speeds up comprehension of the modal content.
  • The image is simple but interesting—the mobile app illustration breaks the frame of the circle, which catches the eye.
  • The copy is short and sweet, but still informative. Smart use of spacing and different text styles make this modal easy to scan for important information.
  • You don't see QR codes on your screen every day—the presence of one in this modal grabs the users' attention.
  • It makes it super fast and easy to download the Tempo mobile app.