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Teampay's Mad Libs style demo signup

Teampay helps businesses and organizations manage and control their team's spending. With Teampay, businesses can track who spent what, what they spent it on, who approved it, and the purpose of the purchase. 

To sign up for Teampay, users have to first sign up for a demo. Upon sign-up for this demo, Teampay uses a Mad Libs-esque form to gather visitors' information.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The Mad Libs style sign-up form is clever and cute. Because it's also written out in prose style, it's easy to understand and easily fill in the required information.
  • Teampay uses strong copy as the header of this modal window. First, they use a call to action for visitors to take control. Secondly, they equate their finance tool with fun since finance is decidedly not fun for most people.
  • The presentation of the copy and then the Mad Libs make this demo sign-up informal and casual, while also remaining clear and straightforward.