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Bit uses modals for motivation and education

Bit is a document collaboration platform that wants to change the way we create documents online. However, they face an uphill battle going up against industry titans like Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365.

Bit uses modal windows to both motivate and educate users, so they’re excited to make the change to Bit and know how to get the most out of this platform.

After signing up for Bit, you’re greeted with a cheerful modal that welcomes you by name. Embedded into this modal is essentially a trailer for Bit. This trailer previews what it does in an exciting way that pumps users up before they get started.

bit welcome modal

After they learn about navigating the main screen, users are then walked through how to use the document editor. Again, Bit turns to a modal to help educate users on how to use its editor for maximum results. They use a roughly five-minute video that goes over how the editor works. It’s less exciting than the first video, but it does the job of preparing users to use Bit.

bit tips and tricks

What makes this really good UX:

  • Bit’s first modal motivates users and gets them excited to learn about everything Bit can do to help them get more from a collaborative document platform.
  • Bit’s second modal uses video to educate users on their editor’s features. By making this a modal, users don’t have to look around for help, and if they don’t want/need help, they’re free to click out of it.