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Meta Business Suite brings users straight to value with modals

Facebook parent company Meta really, really wants you to create and share posts. Much of Meta’s revenue derives from paid post promotion and digital marketing—and businesses need to post content in order to promote it. Meanwhile, customers use social posts to market to the billions of people who use the social network.

Meta’s products Facebook and Instagram are famous. It’s likely that new users already know their capabilities and understand their value. Meta understands this and focuses on showing users how easy it is to create posts.

A small modal that masks the rest of the UI greets marketers and social media managers logging into the Meta Business Suite for the first time from their smartphones. This modal highlights the button used to write posts and includes a CTA to “Get started” with creating content.

Meta welcome modal highlighting how to get started

The app then takes the user to a screen dedicated to creating a new post. It offers multiple options for content type so users can create the content of their choice with ease.

Meta new post prompt

Why this is really good UX:

  • Meta Business Suite understands that users coming to their app know its chief function: to share social posts. The product doesn’t waste time bringing users directly to the point of value.
  • The app uses a modal window to mask the rest of the UI. This particular modal forces the user to at least acknowledge the message before moving within the app. Usually, such experience-freezing actions are discouraged. However, the creation of a social post is the single most critical action a user can perform to see the value of the product firsthand to achieve their desired results. This particular instance of modal masking makes for “good” friction in UX.