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SurveyMonkey's informative quick-view modals

SurveyMonkey helps users create, send, and analyze surveys. Surveys can range in topics from customer satisfaction to employee engagement and from event planning to market research. To help users create the right survey for their needs, SurveyMonkey offers a variety of templates to choose from as a starting point.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Users have 3 clear options to choose from: start a survey from scratch, search for a template, or select one of the platform's most popular surveys. These options allow users to tailor their experience to the path that best suits their purpose.
  • When users hover over a template that looks interesting, they can choose to get a “Quick View” before diving into the full template. This option allows users to explore various templates without having to keep going back and forth between unsuitable ones.
  • The “Quick View” modal that pops up gives an overview of the survey's stats and sample results. This information allows users to learn more about a template while preserving context, and it helps them make quick yet educated choices on the suitability of the survey for their purpose without having to dig any deeper.