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Design spotlight: Scalable Press' announcement + built-in user feedback survey

Scalable Press is a customized goods producer that uses innovative technology and automation to make ordering customized items like T-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, mugs, etc. fast and easy. When Scalable Press introduced their Cashback Streaks rewards program, they used Appcues to make the announcement.

What makes this announcement especially interesting is that Scalable Press included a 0-5 rating scale, allowing users to provide instant feedback on the new cash back program. It's a clever way to capture initial user sentiment at a moment of high engagement.

Let's take a look:

scalable press cash back rewards program new feature marketing announcement with user feedback form UX example

What we like about this really good UX:

  • The formatting. Never under estimate the power of smart font choices. Scalable Press uses different font sizes, weights, and colors to enhance readability and highlight the most important parts of their message. It's simple but highly effective.
  • The clear and concise copy. The details of the cash back program are outlined unambiguously, and the formatting makes the message easy to scan for the most important bits of information.
  • The integrated user feedback survey. Including a way to give feedback in a new feature/program announcement is a smart way to increase engagement and capture user sentiment early on. Scalable Press can poll users who use Cashback Streaks later on to find out how their actual experience has been and compare that to their initial excitement. Clever!