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Recurly's onboarding modal windows

Recurly is a subscription management tool that helps companies handle all facets of their subscription billing systems. One of the most impressive features is the Revenue Optimization Engine, a smart engine that works to prevent churn, helping companies increase monthly revenue. 

Because churn can be a killer for companies, Recurly highlights how they can help prevent it via helpful modal windows in their onboarding.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Looking at these screenshots, it might seem like the second one should come first. Recurly starts their onboarding with a โ€œDunning Management Enhancementsโ€ modal window. Prevention of churn, especially through dunning, is their Aha! moment, so it naturally makes sense to start with this modal.
  • The modal windows are also unobtrusive, so new users can choose to take tours or explore additional resources now or save them for later. The modal windows also have an uncomplicated way of introducing a lot of information without being overwhelming.
  • Recurly offers a few different informational onboarding routes. The first is the dunning tour (their Aha! moment), the second is a general tour, and the third is a collection of resources.