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Recurly's dunning enhancement tooltips

Recurly is a subscription management tool that helps companies handle all facets of their subscription billing systems. One of the most impressive features is the Revenue Optimization Engine, a smart engine that works to prevent churn, helping companies increase monthly revenue. 

Recurly strategically uses color-contrasted tooltips to walk new users through different parts of the dashboard.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Recurly's green tooltips appear against a purple and white background, making them visually appealing. They delineate each feature being highlighted in the tour without being too flashy or disruptive.
  • Each tooltip is accompanied by two important points: the Skip Tour option and the Steps Covered list. Each point lets users know that there is a defined limit to the tour and that they can opt out whenever they choose. Users don't have to feel restricted by the onboarding flow.
  • The number of tooltips is kept to a minimum, so users can breeze through them quickly. For users who are interested in learning more, Recurly includes their Dunning Effectiveness Report link in the last window.