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Quip's gentle check-in

Quip gives users online docs with “superpowers” (like commenting, tagging, spreadsheets, reminders, and more) that enable teams to collaborate seamlessly in one place and across all devices. 

Quip relies on teams to use their tool, so it makes sense to check in with customers to determine how likely they are to recommend Quip to colleagues. NPS surveys are an indicator of how likely their customers are to continue to spread Quip inside their own company.

To check on their users' satisfaction, Quip pops up a considerate NPS survey at the bottom left of a user's document.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The pop-up itself is unobtrusive and users can easily opt out of the survey if they find the question annoying for any reason.
  • After a user does respond, Quip follows through with a feedback question about any improvements users would like to see. This question shows consideration for the user's experience. Quip also helps the user answer quickly by providing a checklist as opposed to an open field, where users can click more than one option if they want to.
  • Lastly, Quip gives users the opportunity to go into more detail if they would like to. This three-part survey builds naturally so that the most effort that would be required on the part of the user (if they choose to answer) is left to the last screen.  Prioritizing questions in this order makes it more likely that they will at least collect some data on their customers' experiences.