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Pocket's related reading suggestions

Pocket's Google Chrome extension allows users to save, or “pocket” articles that they don't have time to read right now for later. Users can later view their Pocket dashboard for their own personal curated reading list. 

It's a simple idea really, and it's a way less cluttered version of leaving dozens of tabs open in your browser. 

Rather than stop there, however, Pocket also surfaces related readings each time a user clicks the Pocket icon to save an article.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Chances are that if someone is interested in an article, they are also interested in the subject matter more broadly. Providing a short list of articles users might also be interested in is generous and valuable to someone who is already interested in the topic.
  • Each article in the list has the option for the user to either click on the article directly — maybe it's more pressing and they want to read it now — or they can also pocket it for later to read with their other saved article.
  • Since it's their main function, Pocket wants you to save articles as much as possible and this list most likely drives users to Pocket articles more than once at a time.