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Pipefy's product tour

Pipefy is a cloud-based business process management platform that lets managers build workflows. They use tooltips and hotspots to guide new users through their product tour. Let's take a look:

In the first tooltip, we see both a "Next" button and a "Back" button, even though "Back" isn't a real option.

This tooltip-banner hybrid doesn't seem consistent with the rest of the product tour design wise.

What we like: each tooltip provides detailed insight into the purpose and intended value of the various features. Also, the darkened, transparent background behind the tooltips clearly directs user attention to the product tour without entirely distracting users from their end goal.

What we think could be improved upon: without a progress bar, this product tour might seem tedious with no end in sight. Plus, there's no option to end the product tour, which might make users feel restricted or burdened with too much information.