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Canva's short and sweet product tour

Canva has long been the image editor of choice for the less technically inclined user. Now, Canva is showing off its new video editing options as well, and their product tour sticks to the simplicity that has won them so many fans worldwide.

From the landing page, we get a clean design that draws our eyes to the purple “Create a video” CTA at the bottom of the page.

Once inside, there’s no need to sign up or log in. Canva launches immediately into its product tour, starting with a video modal that’ll go over the basics of Canva for newcomers.

Following this, Canva walks through how to create a custom video on their platform with a series of tooltips that direct users to where they need to go.

Finally, they leave users to try things out. Anyone is free to play around with the editor. You’ll need to make an account to save your gorgeous new video, though, which encourages new users to get signed up with Canva and make more videos.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Sometimes the best way to learn something is to actually use it. Canva lets its platform take center stage so users can experiment and learn on their own.
  • They keep their UI elements light and out of the way so users can quickly move on to using the platform.
  • Everything from the landing page to the tooltips to the product all shares a common design theme, making this product tour feel seamless from start to finish.