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Design spotlight: Pearson Writer's educational modals

Pearson is well-known around the world for their education resources, curriculums, and digital learning solutions. The company offers a wide range of toolsโ€”both digital and printedโ€”for learners and educators alike.

One of those tools is Pearson's writing support app, Pearson Writer, which offers automated writing reviews, a works cited generator, project manager and assignment tracker, and more.

While teachers use Pearson's materials to educate their students, Pearson Writer uses Appcues to educate new users about their edtech app. Take a look:

How Pearson Writer onboards new users to their edtech app:

Pearson uses modals to highlight sticky features and encourage cross-platform adoption.

What we like about this onboarding experience:

  • It's selective. Pearson Writer has lots of features, but the onboarding flow stays focused on a few of the most valuable ones. Once you've identified your stickiest features and user behaviors, starting new users off with a narrower focus on those few things can dramatically speed up time to value.
  • It's clear and concise. The copy tells users exactly how they can benefit from each feature in 2 short sentences or less.
  • It's on-brand. The look and feel of this onboarding flow matches that of the underlying Pearson Writer product. Users would never suspect it wasn't a native part of the app, which is just how it should be.