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Design spotlight: Notarize's video training course registration modal

Notarizeβ€”a service that allows you to legally sign and notarize your documents onlineβ€”used Appcues to create a native-looking modal to drive registration for their video training course.

notarize modal window announcing a video training course for title agents

Things we like about this modal:

  • Clear, succinct copy that is consistently center-aligned (seems like a low bar but you'd be surprised by how many products get this wrong!)
  • Colorful, on-brand graphics complemented by lots of white space + a friendly face
  • A prominent 'X' button that makes this modal easy to dismiss for folks who aren't interested in the training course


Editor's note:Β We're trying something a little different with these design spotlights. Instead of a deep dive into a full user experience, we simply want to shine a light on some of the great things our customers have been doing with Appcues. Like the bite-sized format of this post? Let us know!