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Miro’s engaging free trial promotion

Remember drawing on a whiteboard and using Post-it Notes to move projects through different stages? Those days are gone; Miro has reinvented the whiteboard experience. With its digital whiteboard, Miro brings distributed teams together by making it easy for teams to collaborate.

In the video below, you'll see Miro's free trial promotion, in which new users can easily register for the tool by clicking “Sign up for free." The modal is positioned off to the side, so it doesn’t interrupt the user’s experience. But it’s also hard to miss, since it features an eye-catching animation, suggestive of Miro's collaborative and flexible functionality. With minimal text and an illustrative animation, Miro artfully conveys the tool’s benefits and the free trial offer.

Miro makes signing up for a free trial super simple.

What makes this really good UX:

  • The copy within the modal is engaging and encourages users to sign up by inviting them to envision the possibilities with Miro.
  • The sign-up CTA button is prominent and eye-catching, re-emphasizing that users can try Miro out for free.
  • Once you click the CTA, the sign-up process is simple and quick, with several options to use existing profiles, like Google.