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MailChimp's considerate comms

Mailchimp is a long-standing and widespread marketing automation platform for businesses of all sizes. The platform makes it super easy to build email marketing campaigns with an intuitive drag and drop interface. It handles all your automated emails: welcome messages, cart abandonment, etc., and it helps you bridge the data gap for personalized campaigns and better insight.

The priority for MailChimp is to help users get their work done so that they can get on with their lives. This means it continually iterates its product to provide a better experience for its users.

But dropping in updates out of thin air will initially hinder not help users get their work done. To get around this, MailChimp thoughtfully notifies the user of any changes to its product.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Using a modal—over tooltips—to interrupt the user’s flow is necessary to ensure the message is received. This way, the user is prepped for the new experience beforehand; and it helps mitigate frustration because the change is clearly communicated.
  • The copy is consistent with MailChimp's brand voice, which is confident, smart and informal for a clear and concise message. It informs the user how the change is going to benefit them. But this time, MailChimp avoids using any humor—as it typically does—to ensure the user isn’t distracted from the vital point.
  • The button “Onward” implies the user is moving in a forward direction onto something better. This affirmative language is more likely to put the user in a positive frame of mind, instead of a simple “OK.”