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Litmus’ cohesive cross-channel messaging

Litmus is a popular email marketing solution that helps teams build, test, and analyze emails. 

Unsurprisingly, their email game is strong. Litmus uses this channel to educate new users and  communicate with customers throughout their lifecycle. The following onboarding email is a great example:

litmus onboarding email
Litmus’ onboarding email

We like that Litmus makes it easy for new users to access the answers they need, as well as a clear action item for their to-do list (add team members). The graphics, formatting, and layout makes this easy to scan for relevant information, and a login CTA makes jumping back into the product simple.

But what we like most about this email is that it has an in-app counterpart. Litmus used Appcues to create the following slideout, which echoes the messaging in their email.

litmus slideout made with appcues. in-app user onboarding resource center example
Litmus customized an Appcues slideout to serve as a one-stop shop for new user resources. 

Email is an invaluable channel for communicating with customers outside of your product. But nothing beats in-app messaging for capturing attention while users are active inside your app. 

Combining the two channels, like Litmus does here, is ideal. That’s because repetition is an important part of getting your message to stick. A person may not take action immediately after reading a single email, and that’s okay—so long as you have a plan to follow up. In this example, Litmus’ email may serve as a primer that makes users more likely to take action when they next see the same calls to action inside the app.

Each of these messages are examples of good UX on their own. They’re even better together.