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LastPass’s timely outside-of-the-box suggestion

People who get vaccinated against COVID-19 walk away with a handy vaccine card.  Much like a “golden ticket,” the card offers freedoms from pandemic restrictions. Preservation attempts include tucking the card in a wallet, adding it to a junk drawer (never to be seen again), taking photos, and more.

Password management app LastPass saw an opportunity to help, and said, “We’ve got this.” LastPass offered users an easy option that they may not have considered: store copies of vaccine cards in a LastPass account. Way better than that junk drawer. 😅

LastPass created a timely modal that prompted users to securely store a digital copy of their vaccine cards in their accounts.

If users click on “Let’s add your card!” they see a tooltip showing them how to add a new item.

From there, LastPass walks users through adding photos of their vaccine cards to their Secure Notes via an attachment.

What makes this really good UX:

  • By offering a unique and timely suggestion (storing vaccine cards) for the Secure Notes feature, LastPass is opening the door for users to think about other ways they could use the feature in the future.
  • A “Remind Me Later” option in the initial modal invites users to come back and learn how to add their vaccine cards, in case they don’t have time (or images) to add at that moment.
  • LastPass walks users through adding a Secure Note with an attachment, one step at a time, in case they’re unfamiliar with the feature.
  • The tooltip not only provides instruction but also highlights where the user needs to click—the (+) button and the “Add Attachment” text. This design element makes it super easy for users to take action.