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Justworks’ stress-free Talkspace trial signup

When events around the world became more and more uncertain (hello 2020), the HR technology platform Justworks stepped in to help its customers prioritize their employees’ wellbeing. In the fall of 2020, Justworks teamed up with online therapy platform Talkspace to offer employees of Justworks customers three free months of Talkspace’s mental health services.

We'll take a look at how easy it was for employees to sign up for the trial.

When users sign in to their Justworks account and go to the Benefits tab, they’ll see a notification banner announcing online mental health therapy through Talkspace, directly underneath the page’s menu.

When a user clicks “Get started” in the banner, they’re brought to a page that explains the services Talkspace offers and how to use the platform. There’s also a list of three resources and an FAQ section for employees to reference before signing up.

On the far right of the page, Justworks displays the Talkspace access code and offers a handy “copy code” button, so users can easily move on to the next step with the code on their clipboard.

Clicking “Get started” prompts a full-screen takeover that asks users to confirm if they want to continue with the sign-up process. The “Go to Talkspace” button includes the “open new tab” symbol to inform users that their Justworks session won’t close when they’re taken to the Talkspace website. Users also have the option to close the modal and remain in Justworks by navigating back.  

Those who choose to complete the enrollment are brought to Talkspace’s site. The sign-up process is complete once a user enters their email and pastes the access code they copied into the keyword field.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Signing up for Talkspace through Justworks is simple. The only information a user has to type in is their email address, and users don’t have to wait and copy a code sent via text message or email. The ease of the sign-up process helps users arrive at the finish line without any obstacles.
  • Justworks provides users with an extensive amount of information before they sign up for the benefit. This program may be some users’ first experience with therapy, and it’s only available for a limited time. Giving users the program details and additional resources to explore is an excellent way to equip them with the information they need to make an informed decision.

What would make this UX even better:

  • On the Justworks side of the sign-up process, the code needed to get started is referred to as an “access code.” After a user gets to the Talkspace site and it’s time to input that code, Talkspace refers to it as a “keyword.” This could cause a bit of confusion for users, as they may assume they copied the wrong code or that they’re on the wrong page. We tested it out—the access code is indeed the keyword, but calling it the same thing on both sites would make the whole experience more seamless.