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Ipinfo's seamless upsell flow offers IP address information and API and data solutions that help drive user interaction and conversions. Rather than telling visitors what they do, they show them right on the homepage, pulling them into a seamless upsell flow.

Why this is really good UX:

  • By displaying a live IP address command on the homepage, showcases its core functionality to new visitors right off the bat. No need to explain what they do when they can show it.
  • When users click to see more details they get an impressive run-down of all the available IP information for their location and network. The one-click experience helps convince users of the product's value and ease of use.
  • Having captured users attention, ipinfo offers 3 different ways different types of users can go further: developers can start trying an API right away, those ready to buy can explore free and paid signup options, those interested in more can explore a variety of uses in one click.