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Instacart's context-aware shopping flow

Instacart offers an online grocery-delivery service from users' local stores. Their sleek and responsive shopping flow provides users with a premium, convenient shopping experience.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Modals make it easy for users to see what they've added to their cart, the quantity they've added, and the total cost and weight.
  • An additional modal lets users know when they've hit a store's order minimum and qualify for free delivery. This builds user confidence in the app as it helps them stay in charge of their shopping.
  • A larger modal opens up when users add an item with a special offer. In the example above (image 3), users can get $5 off when they hit an order minimum for the eligible items in the modal window. This not only helps users save money, but it also saves them the time of having to hunt for items that qualify for the offer.
  • The modal windows minimized the need to move back and forth between the shopping cart and the main shopping window, allowing users to complete orders faster and with greater confidence.