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HubSpot's upgrade prompt

HubSpot communicates their sales platform's advanced capabilities in an attempt to upgrade/upsell users. Here's what it looks like (notice the lock icon on the "Create report from view" in the menu below):

When that's clicked, HubSpot shows this upselling modal:

Why we think it's really good:

  • The modal matches the rest of the product—it sounds obvious, but too often modals like this don't match 1 to 1.
  • The blur behind the modal focus the users attention without fully distracting them
  • The header paints the user in a picture they like seeing themselves in
  • The video explains what the reporting tool is and how it works
  • The subheaders are value-oriented—they aren't all about features and functionality, but rather how the user benefits
  • The price is listed at the bottom
  • The option of talk to someone vs. take a demo is good. We imagine people have their preferences