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Gusto’s delightful user interface

Living up to its name, people operations software Gusto approaches human resource management with plenty of enthusiasm. The platform lays out important information in a fun interface that’s engaging and easy to use.

When users sign in to Gusto, they’re notified about the platform's latest feature, Gusto Wallet, in a modal on the right side of the page. After users log in, their dashboard begins to load, and Gusto provides a short animation of a masked piggy bank happily strutting along. Trust us—it's a delightful experience. Once the loading is complete, users see their Gusto dashboard filled with a complete side-panel menu, payment status notes, and banner text with information about potential tax benefits eligibility.

Video walk-through of Gusto’s login process and welcome dashboard

When users sign out of the platform, they’re directed back to the login page and are met with a little incentive to spread the word about Gusto. The eye-catching modal displayed on the right of the page offers users a cash reward for referring the platform to others.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Gusto knows that new feature adoption starts with awareness. The new-feature announcement on the right side of the initial login page piques the curiosity of users as soon as they get to Gusto’s website. The announcement clearly outlines the benefits of the feature, which encourages users to engage with it once they’re signed in.
  • The colorful illustrations throughout the Gusto web experience are fun additions to the platform’s UI. And again, we just can’t get over the impossibly cute pig that makes waiting a delightful experience.
  • Gusto’s usability is stellar. The dashboard has a lot of information packed in, but it’s so well organized that it’s not overwhelming. All of the features are easy to find and access from a side panel menu on the left of the screen. Users’ most recent payment details are front and center on the dashboard, and a clear CTA button takes users to their pay stub. The right side of the dashboard displays the status of users’ future payments, with a link to add a calendar reminder. And a banner at the top of the page provides a link to a resource that users can use to determine their eligibility for assistance with their taxes.
  • The referral modal users see once they sign out of their account gives them an incentive to share Gusto with their networks. Gusto makes it easy for users to advocate for the platform by providing a unique referral link users can copy, as well as share links for three different social media platforms.