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Google Sheets' view history update

One of the biggest advantages to using Google Drive's suite of products is to be able to collaborate with others directly in the document. Many organizations and businesses rely on Google Sheets for shared spreadsheets. 

The information stored in spreadsheets is often important, meaning it's necessary for the entire team to check in and view periodically. Google Sheets rolled out a new feature allowing editors to see their colleagues' view history. Google Sheets introduced this new feature with a helpful modal window.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Google Sheets displays this window when the user first logs back into Google Sheets, so they don't interrupt any workflow that may have already been in place.
  • Google Sheets gives users a couple of options to proceed with the update. Users can choose to accept the new update, but they are also free to protect their viewing history if they choose to. This is smart for Sheets to do because they aren't forcing anyone to expose more of their personal data than they would like to.