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Google Calendar's redesign highlights

Google Calendar comes standard with every Google account. When the company rolled out its latest redesign, it highlighted the major changes for users of the app, without wasting their time on a full tutorial for features that had only changed aesthetically.

Why this is really good UX:

  • When users log into the redesigned app, a modal window lets them know about the new look. This interruption in the regular app flow helps prevent feelings of disorientation from seeing something other than what the user expected.
  • The first modal offers users three options: A prominent “Got it” button for those that want to get right to work in the app without further interruptions; a secondary “Customize” option for those that want to review the new design's appearance options; and a tertiary “Learn more about the new design” option for those that want to review the full list of changes.
  • Additional tooltips outlining changes and improvements pop up appropriately in the app without interrupting the user's workflow experience.